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The True Family And Donated Playhouse

About Scott True

I’ve been interested in building ever since I can remember. After high school and after serving our country in the Marines, I started right away working for a construction company where I quickly worked myself into a foreman position at a relatively young age. From there, my path in life took many twists and turns. I was a Real Estate Agent and Marketing Consultant, among other things. The common threads throughout, were my pursuit of driving my own initiatives and always doing what’s right.

I believe in delivering a product that truly is different. Not just good or excellent. In fact, I’ve never wanted to be the best. If I was, I’d be just like everyone else. Everyone is the best! I’d much rather be known for very specific differences.

I believe that customers/clients being happy is never a good metric to guide construction methods. Yes, they should be happy, but most are not qualified to understand whether they have received a good product or service. This is why I set my own standards which exceeds the popular standards. At Dimora Homes, we deliver homes designed with a fresh perspective on open spaces and structures built for strength, durability, and efficiency.

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