Build with Dimora Homes

Dimora Homes Build Process

Discovery Meeting

This first meeting gives us an opportunity to learn about each other. At this time, we’ll learn about your style, dreams, wants, needs, and goals. And you’ll be able to ask us about high performance and how we build. 

Start Here -> Schedule your meeting by calling Alex at (512) 589-2167 or emailing [email protected]

Initial look at the plans

If you already have plans, we’ll have a look at those right away.

Feasibility Analysis

Before we get too deep into it, we’ll want to analyze feasibility in terms of budget, scheduling, location, and other factors.

Site visit

The site visit is an important step for us to meet in person. We want to make sure that we’re a fit for your project.

Rough Budget and decide on contract type

We’ll create a first budget that is rough until further choices are made. There are 2 types of contracts to consider:

Cost plus

This plan works great for people that want a great deal of control in the project. In this plan, we are 100% transparent with the financials. This will give insight on how everything affects the budget and the freedom to make informed decisions. It also comes with a small risk of material prices increasing and such. But much of this can be mitigated with careful planning.

Fixed cost

This plan works great for people that want more of a hands-free experience where we can give allowances and help make choices to keep a project within a specific budget.

Pre-construction contract

This is an agreement for us to do all the preplanning associated with the build. Typically, there is a fee for this which will be applied toward the cost of the build.

Starting point budget

This budget will be the first version with some initial choices incorporated.

Pre-construction planning

  1. Design
  2. Structural Planning
  3. High Performance
    1. Durability
    2. Comfort
    3. Health
    4. Energy Efficiency
  4. HVAC planning
  5. Project Sequencing
  6.  Schedule
  7. Final Budget

Construction contract and Break ground

The fee for this service varies depending on the complexity of the project and what is needed.