I love building durable homes and I love talking about durability. You’ll find things about our home designs and other aspects of the business on our website. But if you want to begin understanding how we build durable, then follow this blog!

My writing perspective and who it’s for

As I get started writing this series of articles, I think it’s worth mentioning my credentials and who I’m writing for.

I’m not sure if I’m a good writer

Well, maybe I am. I don’t know and wouldn’t even know how to judge if I’m a good writer. But the point in saying this is to point out that I’m not writing for anyone interested in reading well written articles that flow together in a pleasant concise reading experience. In fact, you may have to go through the effort of pulling it all together on your own because my writing might jump around a bit. But I will give it a good effort to make it comprehensible.

I’m not a scholar and I’m not using facts and figures

If you are doing research and you need facts and figures, this is not the place. If you are looking for an opinion that is backed by facts, this is sort of the place. My building methods and opinions are based on facts, research, case studies, and real-world scenarios. In many ways, I am being very scientific. I just don’t have those facts and figures memorized and ready to reference. These are not scholarly articles. Real facts do exist based on enough studies involving proper sampling of case studies that would warrant a representation of most homes. But for my writing, I’m going to be referencing single cases.

I’m not a scientist

I don’t have degrees and such. My perspective is very much based on “street smarts” and common-sense observations rather than regurgitating information from books.

These articles are not for the masses

I’m writing specifically for the few people that are genuinely interested and considering having a home built by us or just people that are interested in good construction.

These articles are for you if you care about durability, efficiency, and comfort

Now that I’ve weeded some people out… If you’re still reading this and interested continue to follow this series.

I’ll be writing mostly about durability. That’s not necessarily everything about us. Most people are not buying our homes because of their durability. Most people are buying our homes because of the design. Read more about that here: (link coming soon). People love our designs and open, yet defined, floor plans. But that’s not what this series will be about. This series of articles will be specifically about the durability.

One more thing – pardon the dust while the design of this blog is still under construction.

Scott True